Doll Baby

Hola! This a piece i wrote for a competition. It’s flash fiction, meaning it was made short on purpose and was never supposed to exceed 300 words. You’re welcome to comment, review and make corrections. Corrections are especially welcome. *** The night was far gone. Way past its teens, threading the very border of the […]

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The First Kiss

I was scanning through my old works (apparently i’ve a lot of unfinished works that may yet never see the light of day) looking for inspiration for a new piece when I stumbled upon “this”. If you closely follow the publications of Lionspot: The magazine, chances are you’ve already seen it. Nonetheless, I’m still gon […]

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Hey Mama!

As most of you already know, my Grand ma recently passed. Here’s the tribute I wrote for here. There’s a little bit of the “feels” in this one, get your Napkins ready.
* * *
Mama, what’s it like? How’s it up there?
Do you yet have skin, are you still fair?
Or are you formed different than we are here?
Are you more or less fragile than you were?
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unec runs girl the last lap

This is a piece I wrote for lionspot; the magazine. The new edition isn’t out yet but I just decided to give y’all an exclusive first look. UNEC ‘RUNS’ GIRL: THE LAST LAP Disclaimer: 1) If you’re a sucker for happy endings, I suggest you stop here and find yourself a nice nicholas spark’s novel […]

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The Kiss Connoisseur

“Weeweechu a merry Christmas. Weeweechu a merry xmas”. *Gradually dusts cobweb and debris off blog* *pauses to admire now clean blog* *breaks fourth wall to face audience* Aheem *clears throat* Hello mortals! *pauses for effect* you know how every story on this blog is based on true life events well, this one is no exception. […]

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